My thanks to Seth over at Samaritanity for the timely observation that powers and principalities of Neo-conservatism have failed once more to demonstrate the power of "compassionate conservatism."While the conservative co-religionists of the Bush administration advocate more tax breaks for the rich and the very rich, poverty in America has risen again, according to the … Continue reading

Caiaphas ReduxWhen you reach a certain point in irritating the religious elites, you'll get trouble with a capital "T." In some religions, like Scientology or Jehovah's Witnesses, they will excommunicate you and no one from the church will ever speak to you again.But if you irritate The Reverend Pat Robertson, he'll arrange for your murder.And … Continue reading

Moonlight SerendadeI have nothing against fringe Christian sects, having spent the first thirty years of my life thoroughly immersed in one. In fact, other than their mind-control techniques, dictatorial leaders, and hateful sectarian doctrines, they are perfectly fine places to spend your Sunday mornings. As long as you don’t mind music that’s even worse than … Continue reading

The Resurrection of the Moral MajorityJimmy Carter was President. The Soviets were fighting Islamic guerillas in Afghanistan. Three Mile Island was melting. The U.S. Embassy in Tehran occupied by a band of young Muslim radicals. In Virgina, an independent, fundamentalist Baptist preacher named Jerry Falwell founded an organization that would claim credit for changing the … Continue reading