Entropy and Abdul Rahman

Nearly fifty years ago an Oxford sociologist named Bryan Wilson wrote the groundbreaking article "An Analysis of Sect Development" in American Sociological Review. He observed:"It is here hypothesized that sects experience different types of tension which vary according to their own constellation of values, as well as the circumstances of their origin. In response to … Continue reading Entropy and Abdul Rahman

The L Word: Me and Jack Abramoff

Yep, you heard it right: I’m going to Columbia. Going to march right down to Gervais and Main, saunter past the strange square Stars and Bars, past Wade Hampton’s marble horse and take up residence in the grand old State House. Well, not residence exactly. But I’ll be traipsing through those halls a bit more … Continue reading The L Word: Me and Jack Abramoff

Dumbing Orthodoxy Down

St. Hegesippus, a Jewish convert to Christianity in the late second century of the Common Era, was the first to use the term “orthodox” to define those who were within the apostolic tradition of Christianity. He was a vigorous opponent of the Gnostic heresies and wrote a history of Palestinian Christianity after the pogroms of … Continue reading Dumbing Orthodoxy Down