Big Brother, Jesus is Watching You

It’s in the South Carolina Low Country, amid abandoned plantations and cotton gins overrun with kudzu and the detritus of Reconstruction. Greeleyville has a population of 452 souls, not counting chickens, dogs, mules and mosquitoes. Passing through there today, I spied on a church marquee a sign meant for the folks way up in Washington, D.C. who will certainly never come to the terminus point of the American dream. It reads: “Big Brother, Jesus is watching you.”


Today, the Senate Intelligence Committee rolled over and approved the nomination of the most visible symbol of the new Big Brotherhood, the ultimate Nanny State Bureaucrat, General Michael Hayden. Of course, the loyal opposition sniffed its “disapproval.” Said Democrat Barbara Mikulski: “My confidence in Gen. Hayden should not be interpreted as confidence in this administration, I have flashing yellow lights about the Bush administration’s willingness to politicize this important intelligence agency.”

Indeed. That’s why she voted to approve the nomination.

A “yes,” you see, means “no.” And the War on Terror is Peace with Strength. Ah, Orwell again: “But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”


One thought on “Big Brother, Jesus is Watching You

  1. The t.v. nation version of America is NOT the America of the Shakers, of John Chapman, of Thomas Paine . It is not the America of Alcott, Emerson, Thoreau, and Brook Farm .A long tide of moneychangers, and war games for those politicians who like the character in the story by Edith Wharton who said, ‘I’m not saying it was straight, or that it wasn’t straight. It was business’, just want to settle for a real world realpolitic …Filthy-real .The planned obsolescence that emerged with the suburbs of the middle America of the 50’s has mutated into something even far worse.. and now the national security state of *professional* war games has become the media circus for a long gone civilization . Long gone….I’m reminded of the movie ‘Nomads’ with the French urban anthropogist(played by the actor Piers Brosnan) looking out over the numbing concrete plains of Los Angeles from a high rise and then says to the actress who plays his wife, ‘We are so far from home …’(As the sounds of the city go one with their muffled long slow roar of the same sound….) Hopefully soon, the one who can count himself a King Of Infinite Space will drive away all the bad dreams…bad dreams made of a world bent on Spectacle…bent on winning the rat race . I look for Jesus to come again and bust up that racetrack and make the land beautiful like it used to be….and turn the people to a pure language …


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