Bush’s New Plan for Victory in Iraq: "We’ve Never Been Stay the Course"

Apocalyptic religious cults always have a problem. The world doesn’t end at their command. So they either set a new date or deny that they ever claimed that the end was coming. The more wily groups start hedging their bets ahead of the end-time. The Armageddon Brigade that inhabits the White House, staring straight into the realty check of the mid-term elections, has decided to take a page out of the Cult Leader’s Success Manual. The one from the Chapter “What To Do A Month Before the World Doesn’t End.” It’s under the section, “Lie, boldly.”

Back in August, according to the White House web page, George Bush told the Utah National Guard: “Iraq is the central front in this war on terror. If we leave the streets of Baghdad before the job is done, we will have to face the terrorists in our own cities. We will stay the course, we will help this young Iraqi democracy succeed, and victory in Iraq will be a major ideological triumph in the struggle of the 21st century.”

The White House also has this comment from the President, during a 2005 visit from Uruguayan President Uribe, “We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq.”

And the U. S. Department of Defense has an article on its website, that begins, “The United States ‘will stay the course’ in Iraq, President Bush said today in Gaberone, Botswana, following a meeting with President Festus Gontebanye Mogae.”

And supporters of the President claim that he said it too. On Blogs for Bush, Matt Noonan wrote: in a post entitled “Bush: We Will Stay The Course In Iraq”:

It’s good to know Bush still has the resolve to win the war on terror… if only more our country’s leaders did…

“We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq,” Bush said in Texas as a videotape by Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaida’s No.2, was broadcast around the world. Al-Zawahri threatened more destruction in London after subway and bus bombings and said in the videotape that the United States would suffer tens of thousands of military dead if it did not withdraw from Iraq. Bush said that kind of talk only showed why the United States must stay the course. Bush also said, “We cannot leave this task half finished … We must take it all the way to the end.” And, we must win.

Of course the White House Press Room was simply wrong. The Defense Department had faulty intelligence. As for Matt Noonan? He misunderheard.

Because today, on ABC’s This Week George Stephanopolous said to the President: “James Baker says that he’s looking for something between ‘cut and run’ and ‘stay the course.'”

And the President replied: “Well, hey, listen, we’ve never been ‘stay the course,’ George. We have been — we will complete the mission, we will do our job, and help achieve the goal, but we’re constantly adjusting to tactics. “

I didn’t believe it either. So I watched the video.

Now I realize that I was wrong. We have never been stay the course. So all of you liberals, quit lying about it. And have some of this Kool-Aid. You’ll like it, I promise.

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