Election Prediction–You Read it Here First

Courtesy of my partisan brother (Mr. Democrat):

The Democrats will take 30 seats or more in the U. S. House and at least 6 in the Senate (OH, PA, RI, VA, TN, MO).

And from the smartest poli-sci freshman in America, the someday POTUS himself, my own intern Dylan:

Senate Outcome
Republicans – 52
Democrats – 46
Independents – 2

Governor Outcome
Republicans – 20
Democrats – 30

House Outcome
Republicans – 220
Democrats – 215

Tune in later to see how right they are.

2 thoughts on “Election Prediction–You Read it Here First

  1. I have to agree about Dylan. I made your brother save his grad announcement so that we can say we knew him when.

    I’m going with your brother on this one, by the way. Not that Dylan isn’t a smart puppy… but a girl has to stand by her man.


  2. Well…I guess I have to be thankful that I was wrong…but be honest…for a couple hours there I know ALL of you were worried! You all saw it in the balance…except the House, which I was WAY off on! I guess when I looked at the figures and statistics I didn’t anticipate that people actually cared! I mean, that’s unexspected! Who could have guessed that!?! The great thing about me being a pessimist about the whole thing, was that I was happier about the outcome because it was a major victory everytime it went higher than I exspected! Well…hope life is going well! See you soon Mr. Tim!



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