Blaming Abramoff, Rove, Foley and Us

Dr. Dobson says it’s because Republicans abandoned their evangelical base. The President said it was Jack Abramoff , Karl Rove and Mark Foley’s fault. Grover Norquist said it was the war’s fault.

But the fault lies squarely and justly with the American people.

You can, as Lincoln noted, fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And the American people just weren’t buying the story anymore. They knew that the Republicans had burned through our nest egg in six years, destroyed our goodwill among the world community, ravaged our freedoms and misappropriated our faith in God. So they voted for change.

People were just plain tired of the party in charge of the government that acted like a cult, governed by cronyism, and got us into two wars which we are now losing. It was not a repudiation of American values, it was a repudiation of the party that claimed a divine mandate to implement its version of them.

The Democrats have the opportunity to restore America’s faith in our self-vision, our dedication to human rights and freedom, our suspicion of imperialism, and our firm belief that government needs to stay out of our lives as much as possible. For most of the past two centuries we have held fast to those values and we have achieved national greatness because of them.

Let’s not get fooled again.

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