Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum

It’s finally over. All those people making six dollars and forty-eight cents an hour at Wal-Mart and Target who haven’t seen their families for a month, are home now. The streets are nearly empty, the only traffic out-of-town children slowly driving down once-familiar streets. The tawdry, embarrassing, maddening Christmas season is finally, blessedly over.Just in … Continue reading Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum

Blog Net News Comes to South Carolina

Yeah, this is cool. Our very own Palmetto State News Aggregator. With so many of our good state blogs biting the dust of late, it's hard to know who's up and still hitting the keyboard. So Blog Net News has come to rescue with a great looking site that really does have it all together … Continue reading Blog Net News Comes to South Carolina

Mitt Romney, Evangelicals and the End of Religious Tests

Once upon a time, conservative evangelical and fundamentalist Christians had principles. And one of those principles was: theology matters. They would rail against the slightest deviation from the evangelical creed: the inerrant Bible, the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, bodily resurrection and dual nature of Christ, and his imminent second advent.No faithful conservative evangelical would ever … Continue reading Mitt Romney, Evangelicals and the End of Religious Tests


The Third Sunday of AdventYear CIsaiah 12:1-6Philippians 4:4-7Luke 3:7-18Early in the morning, they had kissed tenderly, tasting each other’s coffee—his with a hint of non-dairy creamer and hers, black as the recent night, sweet with dreams. And now they’re back in the kitchen, hips softly touching, enjoying each other’s company in the silent fondness of … Continue reading Pregnant

Waiting For Perot

"You just have to ask yourself how we, as a party, got to this point, where we have a leadership which is going to ram down the throats of our party the biggest budget buster in the history of the Congress under Republican leadership."--Judd Gregg (R-NH)Every half century or so, they switch sides. Time was, … Continue reading Waiting For Perot


They waited and waited. And waited. For one hundred and eighteen days, they waited. American Marine Band clarinetist Tom Fox, Canadians Harmeet Sing Sooden and James Looney and Briton Norman Kember had come to Iraq as members of a Christian Peacemaker Team. When they were kidnapped by a previously unknown insurgent group, their mission to … Continue reading Waiting