Outmanuevered: 4K Bill Goes to Ways and Means

The House didn’t debate H3175 today. I guess that’s because some well-meaning people were trying to head off Bob Walker’s attempt to create a seperate and unequal education system for poor kids by throwing them into unaccredited diploma mills. The bill was committed to Ways and Means, even though it didn’t need to be, since it’s not technically an appropriations bill. The stunt didn’t really work anyway, since Walker amended H3124, the “open enrollment” bill that would allow students to transfer to schools outside their district. He tacked on a voucher amendment, which may pass tomorrow.

So what’s the prospect for getting H3175 out of Ways and Means before the end of the session? Who knows? But we’ll try. And we will try again in the Senate, where saner heads may prevail. Meantime, the prospects for making a serious attempt to help at-risk four year olds in this session are dimming. And South Carolina’s already dismal public education system is in danger of being gutted.

All in all, a fine job by the South Carolina House of Representatives.

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