Brad Warthen to South Carolina: Take Down the Confederate Flag!

Brad Warthen, in today’s State newspaper has reminded all South Carolinians that it’s time to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse.

This is not about the NAACP, economic development or whether Steve Spurrier is a good coach. It’s about a symbol that has meaning far greater than than a mere piece of cloth. It stands for rebellion against the Constitution, the Republic, and the declaration that “all men are created equal.” It stands for a stubborn insistence that bravery in war equals justice, that heritage trumps righteousness and that what has always been is what should always be.

This is about doing what’s right. And we shouldn’t need the NAACP or any outside group to tell us what’s right. Because we know that the Confederate flag flying above the State House grounds is just plain wrong.

Take it down now!

3 thoughts on “Brad Warthen to South Carolina: Take Down the Confederate Flag!

  1. Speaking of heritage, shouldn’t it really be the bonnie blue? Anyway, unless this issue has anything to do with weight loss or fashion, and the folks at Good Morning America take it on, I think this plea may go unheard. All the same, I will join voices with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven in saying “Take it down!”


  2. If I recall my American history, a Scalawag was a white (male) Republican. Hardly an insult in a state that’s crawlin’ with ’em. In fact, I used to be one, until my party got taken over by people who don’t even know their own history.And besides, this is not about Steve Spurrier, it’s about the flag of the Army of Northern <> Virginia<> flying over the <>South Carolina<> Statehouse.


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