The Dems Debate and Put South Carolina on the Map

Well, if I could vote today, I’d vote for Mike Gravel, who sounded more like Spillane’s Mike Hammer than a washed-up former Senator from Alaska. Or maybe I’d vote for Bill Richardson, who isn’t afraid to admit that ethnic prejudices sometimes cloud politician’s judgement. Or maybe I’d vote for John Edwards, who said he was wrong to vote for the authorization of the Iraq invasion and challenged anyone else who did to “search their conscience.” But he stopped short of directly calling them to task, so he deflated his balloon.

Hillary Clinton was poised, knowledgeable and articulate (to borrow an adjective from Joe Biden), but still failed to engage me emotionally. Barak Obama was–how can I put this–disappointing. But maybe I expected too much from the Bono candidate. Biden was even funny, once, with his one word reassurance that he could indeed hold his tongue. Kucinich was vegan, Dodd forgettable.

I guess it’s a good thing I can’t vote yet.

One thought on “The Dems Debate and Put South Carolina on the Map

  1. I’m trying to get Sojo’s to press for us to be given the right to vote for up to 3 candidates in the upcoming primaries…Oh and thanks!dlw


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