The 2.5% Doctrine

My good friend, Not Very Bright, (whose bloghandle is ironically self-deprecating, since he's one the smartest bloggers around) has a great post about the beliefs of some of our South Carolina legislators regarding evolutionary biology. No surprises here: most of those who responded claim that they believe that the Genesis story is to be understood … Continue reading The 2.5% Doctrine

Reading From the Back of the Book

The Seventh Sunday of EasterActs 16:16-34Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20John 17:20-26Barbara Kingsolver’s remarkable novel, The Poisonwood Bible, is the story of Nathan Price, a Baptist preacher from Georgia, who takes his family on a mission to the Belgian Congo amidst the Congolese war for independence from Belgium. It’s a powerful story of loss, of hope, of … Continue reading Reading From the Back of the Book