Never Mind the Bullocks, It’s the Candidates

It was another stump speech by the woman who wants to be the next president. She was at USC, was talking about alternative fuels, when she was interrupted by Marti Comyns, who carried a sign saying “she doesn’t care, all she wants is power.” (Not Very Bright, who is not exactly from Ms. Comyns’ corner of the ring, has some similar thoughts, for very different reasons.) Then, Ms. Comyns shouted, “In Jesus’ name, get out of our state.”

Now, I know that many conservative evangelicals go absolutely bat-guano over Hillary, but performing an exorcism at the College Democrats gathering may be a first. What is it about Hillary that sends people so over the top? You might have lefties calling George Bush a liar and suggesting that Darth Cheney have sex with himself, but neither Jim Wallis nor Rick Warren have suggested exorcism to get them out of the White House.

On second thought, this might actually be a good test for the political God brigades of the left and the right. We could stage an Elijah fest, in the manner of 1 Kings 18, where the supporters of, say, Fred Thompson or Rudy Guiliani could go up to Caesar’s Head along with a bullock, there to meet the forces of Hillary, who would also have a bullock. Each side would have the opportunity to build a fine wood pile, scoured from the mountainside. Then the bullocks could be dressed and each side could pray to its god for fire. But here’s the catch: no matches, lighter fluid or flammables of any kind. In fact, each side would have to soak its wood pile with water, just like Elijah. Whose side would Jehovah take?

One thought on “Never Mind the Bullocks, It’s the Candidates

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