To Be Pro-Life or Not To Be: That is Mitt Romney’s Question

There he goes again.

Our favorite Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, said that he’s not opposed to keeping abortion legal in those states where the voters want it. Sounds like a classical “states rights” argument (which used to be a Democratic argument, but that was in an alternate universe).

Two weeks ago, when he was youthful, foolish and less nuanced in his thinking, he went on Good Morning America and told George Stephanopoulos that the Constitution needs to be amended, expanding federal power into this most private and agonizing of personal decisions. “I do support the Republican platform, and I do support that being part of the Republican platform, and I’m pro-life.”

The wonder of it all is that Republican voters just love this duplicitous sleight-of-hand. They loved it when Ronald Reagan did it (and enshrined him as the Great American Protector of Unborn Babies), they loved both Bushes’ empty anti-abortion rhetoric and, as Romney’s numbers in the Iowa straw poll shows, they love it when Romney lies to them as well.

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