The Tasering of Dissent

In George Lucas’ Revenge of the Sith, Senator Amadala wryly observes, “So this is how democracy ends–to thunderous applause.” Not quite, Senator, it was tasered.

The tasering of free speech occurred at a John Kerry appearance at the University of Florida on Monday, when a student, Andrew Meyer asked a series of increasingly annoying questions, including whether or not Kerry was a member of the same Yale secret society that George W. Bush belonged to. After being told that his time was up, and having his mike cut-off, Meyer refused to be quiet and was grabbed by police, who wrestled him to the floor and used a taser gun on him. You can see the video here.

Meyer was obnoxious, rude and disruptive. But he was not a threat, unless the very act of questioning is a threat. Senator Kerry, ever the automaton, proceeded to answer stumble through a answer, as if people get tasered everywhere he goes.

Whatever happened to universities being places for the free exchange of ideas?

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