Of Nooses, Swings and Butterfly Rings

To paraphrase Art Linkletter, “Kids do the darndest things.” And adults often assume the worst. I got this e-mail a little while ago from one of the other clergy at St. Martin’s.

I saw A—- just now, and she reported that, in fact, the teacher of the after school program reported the girls had made a “swing” into which they could stick a foot and swing in the tree in the front yard. She was embarrassed about the misunderstanding, but of course we can simply be relieved that this was innocent play and not hateful message-sending along the lines of what happened at AC Flora the other week. A—– wanted you to know this was not what she and B—– had feared.

No hate crime after all. Not even a good Halloween prank. Just girls wanting to have fun and adults assuming that they are up to no good.

Trick or treat, anyone?

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