A Sad Day for Yellow Dogs: The Dems Kick Colbert in the Teeth

Proving once again that they will forever remain the minority party in South Carolina, the state Democratic Party has rejected Stephen Colbert from running in the January presidential primary.

The Dems Executive Committee voted 13-3 today that Colbert was “not a serious candidate.” According to the AP, Executive Committee member Waring Howe said that the television show host was “really trying to use South Carolina Democrats as suckers so he can further a comedy routine,” and that he”serves to detract from the serious candidates on the ballot.”

The only prospective candidate who can beat both Clinton and Romney/Guiliani was thus ignominiously cast outside into the darkness to weep and gnash his teeth. I suppose the Dems think that Hillary is actually a serious candidate, even though she can’t answer a simple question in English, using generally accepted rules of syntax. Hell, they probably think Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich are serious candidates. No wonder these people can’t even get SCHIP passed with a veto-proof majority.

Now, it’s up to the GOP.

Oh, nevermind.

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