At Least Nothing Happened While I Was Away

When I left for the holidays, the world seemed somewhat normal. Hillary was still the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Romney was going to win Iowa, New Hampshire and probably, South Carolina. The notion that social progressive Mike Huckabee could win the White House seemed about as realistic as social progressive William Jennings Bryan winning it a century earlier. (And about as scientific as their shared beliefs on evolution.)

Benazir Bhutto was leading the opposition in Pakistan. Iran didn’t have nuclear weapons after all, and the Bushies seemed to have lost a bit of swagger. The National Intelligence Director had never acknowledged that waterboarding is torture.

The University of Hawaii was undefeated and LSU had lost twice and didn’t seem a likely candidate for the national champs. Roger Clemons didn’t have an asterisk by his Cy Young Award. (Amazing how much sports knowledge even I can absorb during the holidays…)

The General Assembly was out of session and thus not introducing bills to take us back to the Bronze Age , Governor Sanford had never said anything that looked remotely like an endorsement of Barak Obama, and the State Board if Education was still keeping the door open on the teaching of “intelligent design.”

Thank goodness, I guess nothing much happened while I was away.

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