Email the Smearers and Ask Why They’re Lying About McCain

You knew the dirty tricks had to start sometime, and with only four days until South Carolina’s Republican primary, the sludge machine has begun sloshing its foul smelling lies on Senator John McCain. A shadowy group called Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain has sent a flyer out to prospective Republican voters that depicts a bloated McCain as a “Hanoi Hilton Songbird” who committed an “enormous crime” of leaving “POW’s behind.”

The amatuerish website of the “Veterans” has a link enitiled “McCain Aids and Supports the Enemy.” The link goes to a C-Span video of McCain’s 2005 introduction of the Vietnamese Prime Minister. In his powerful and moving comments, McCain cites the visit of the Vietnamese Prime Minister as “a powerful testament to the ability of people to bridge even the great chasms that seperate us.”

Perhaps the veterans, if they really are veterans, are unaware that Vietnam is no longer an enemy state, but a allied nation, like a lot of other countries with whom we have fought wars in the past: Great Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Italy. Perhaps they’ve been holed up in the hills, practicing their manuevers, waiting for the VC to emerge from the spider-holes, black pajamas and all.

According to “,” the website is registered to Cindy Brochure, 910 Pamela Dr Kinston, North Carolina 28504. She’s apparently the treasurer of an organization called the Historical Preservation Group in Lenior County, NC. Maybe she doesn’t know what is on her website. But you can send her an email and ask her if she knows that her website is being used to smear one of America’s heroes. Her address is I’m sure she’d be glad to hear from you.

You know that I’ve already thrown my support behind Senator Barak Obama, and I plan to vote for proudly for him in the Democratic primary. But whatever differences I have with John McCain, they do not extend to his patriotism and integrity. It’s time for us all to demand an end to this kind of vile politics.

One thought on “Email the Smearers and Ask Why They’re Lying About McCain

  1. Maybe McCain should have pushed back more against the other vets for false advertising group if he had i would be much more willing to stand up for him


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