Deus Ex Machina Democratica: The Crack-up Cometh

With her win tonight in Florida, and the polls looking bleak for Obama and Edwards in California, it seems that the Clinton Machine has its mojo back. While that’s great news for Rush Limbaugh’s ratings and for the warring Republicans who need a candidate to rally around, it’s not very good news for America. Because the only thing America needs less than a full-blown economic meltdown is Hillary as the Democratic nominee.

John McCain is looking like a sure bet for the Republicans, and even though the party leaders view the old war horse as a wobbly-kneed swayback, it might not really matter. They will come together around McCain, because he’s the only one of the remaining Republicans still standing. Romney couldn’t buy enough votes, Guiliani blew his wad in Florida’s casino, Huckabee’s theocratic warfare proved a little too scary and the rest of the seven dwarves have already gone back to their little cottage in the woods.

So it’s on to Super-Duper Tuesday with Hillary making hay from her straw vote in the Sunshine State. And her victory on February 5, as Frank Rich wrote in Sunday’s New York Times, will “at last give the G.O.P. a highly plausible route to victory. “

Forget bimbo eruptions, Whitewatergate, and the sale of presidential pardons, the Republicans have a made to order scandal in latest Clintonian mess: the identities of donors to the Clinton presidential library and foundation.

The only thing preventing a Republican victory in November is a Clinton defeat on February 5. That’s why Republicans are cheering tonight.

3 thoughts on “Deus Ex Machina Democratica: The Crack-up Cometh

  1. I agree completely. I just don’t get it. Why can’t people in these big Super Tuesday states see what we saw in South Carolina, the absolute divisiveness that they wrought on their own party. I just don’t get it. I can blog about it, and people obviously read that, I can talk about it with friends in these ‘far off places’ but still it seems to not ebb the tide, and you’re right, all we left with in a Clinton nomination is another 4 years of Republican Rule.


  2. It is a sad state of affairs. The manifest destiny machine is back on-line, and the slaves are working tirelessly to provide it sex and oil. The reality is that the circuses that we have been promised in the past are less impressive tax refunds from a bloated corpse of a national state. “Full faith and credit.” So, my feeling is that if we could just increase our spending and buy enough souls and votes from the purgatory fringe, we may just bring this Republic economy back to life (he snickers to himself). Likewise, with the public execution of illegal immigrants and other people with brown skin, the nation can once again become the towering behemoth that we loved all those years ago. It simply behooves our government to really tax the hell out of this war and draft the ghettos so that we poor white elitists can get our day in the sun. So, says I, bring on your Clintons and McCains–because as long as they have enough babies to eat, each of their respective regimes will make wonderful world monarchs.


  3. Lighten up, people.The majority of the American people have repudiated the Bush Administration and their whole mean-spirited, corrupt agenda.And all the Republicans can think to do is basically campaign for a third Bush term.And I believe that when the smoke from the primaries clears, the Democrats will unite behind the standard-bearer for fear they’ll get another Republican like Bush.Re: independents, if either Clinton or Obama get the nomination, I can’t help but think that all they have to do is point to the last 8 years and say, “Had enough?”I believe McCain has so ticked off the Right that they may just stay home just to punish the Republican Party, even, even if Hillary gets the nomination.The Democrats will need to work hard and be prepared to fight the whole Swiftboat machine, but they should be able to do some political judo on the Republicans and make their dirty tricks work against them.My .02Doug


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