The Third Sunday in Lent

Thirsty in SycharExodus 17:1-7Psalm 95Romans 5:1-11John 4:5-42She passed two other wells on the way to the edge of Sychar’s gates. One was near the square and one by the market. At the market, the men were gathered, talking politics and arguing religion, the men who winked or whistled when she walked by and the market … Continue reading The Third Sunday in Lent

South Carolina General Assembly Weak In Review (February 23, 2008)

In case you thought our South Carolina lawmakers were not doing anything but spending your money wildly, I am furnishing a list of some of the most signifcant legislative action from the past week. (You can find the bills at House and Senate set up a Gang Prevention Study Committee. (Note: this Committee will … Continue reading South Carolina General Assembly Weak In Review (February 23, 2008)

The Latest Hillraiser: Rush Limbaugh

"We've got make sure she's the nominee if the Republican Party is to be unified. What more loyal thing could I do than to run a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton?"--Rush LimbaughThe entire Republican playbook gets thrown out the window if today's results continue. Barak Obama won Virgina, the District of Columbia, and might have taken … Continue reading The Latest Hillraiser: Rush Limbaugh