The Latest Hillraiser: Rush Limbaugh

“We’ve got make sure she’s the nominee if the Republican Party is to be unified. What more loyal thing could I do than to run a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton?”–Rush Limbaugh

The entire Republican playbook gets thrown out the window if today’s results continue. Barak Obama won Virgina, the District of Columbia, and might have taken Maryland, too. But the Grand Old Party has run out of ideas, and since all it can do is promise four more years of Bushism, it has to try to run on something else.

That something else is Hillary’s ability to divide up a room like Moses parting the Red Sea. But what if Senator Clinton blows it? What if the prophets of doom (like yours truly) are just plain wrong, and Obama manages to win the nomination? What looked like pipe dream a few days ago now appears tantalyzingly possible. And that means the GOP has to figure out how to beat the upstart from Chicago. The man who sounds like JFK, who takes his inspiration from Ronald Reagan, who’s enticed an entire nation to believe in its greatness again.

If Rush Limbaugh is really ready to raise money for Hillary it says a great deal about the GOP’s desparate straits.

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