South Carolina General Assembly Weak In Review (February 23, 2008)

In case you thought our South Carolina lawmakers were not doing anything but spending your money wildly, I am furnishing a list of some of the most signifcant legislative action from the past week. (You can find the bills at

The House and Senate set up a Gang Prevention Study Committee. (Note: this Committee will not study any of the gangs on the State House grounds, including those whose tags include an “R” or “D” after their names.)

The House said moped drivers don’t have to carry a copy of their driver’s licenses, thereby eliminating the long lines of busted mopeders at county and municipal courtrooms.

The House is demanding that you prove you’re a citizen before you can vote, thus ending those long lines of Ecuadorians that voted for McCain in January.

The House is trying to eliminate the ban on selling liquor on election days and allow House and Senate members to carry concealed weapons to the State House instead.

The House is considering whether to let American Indian artists make art out of wild turkey feathers.

The House is trying to delete any reference to “shampooing” from the cosmetology regulations.

The House says white perch are not a game fish.

The Senate may ban metal or brass knuckles.

The Senate nearly banned payday lending, but didn’t.

The Senate also almost raised the cigarette tax but the subcommittee didn’t meet.

The Senate may legalize ultimate fighting and mixed martial arts.

The Senate may ban the use of Blackberries while driving.

The Senate may remove knives with blades over two inches long from the definition of concealed weapons.

The Senate might allow United Way to (legally) operate a Tuesday night poker game to raise money.

The Senate introduced a constitutional amendment establishing a system of free public schools.

Next Weak: More Great Tax Reform! The House wants to cut your income tax by $23 a year! Unless you make over $131,000 a year, then you’ll save 23%!

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