Not This Time

No, he didn’t repudiate the man he calls “family,” the man who brought him to faith in Jesus, the man who presided at his wedding and baptized his children. And so it should be. One does not quickly sever the ties that bind.

Nor did he condone the “God damn America” sermon that has received its endless replays. He thoroughly and rightly explained why the Rev. Jeremiah Wright feels the way he does, and why much of black America agrees with him, all the while stating clearly why he believes they are wrong.

And his speech should touch a nerve with every American, regardless of party, regardless of where he or she lands on the liberal-conservative continuum. And it should go a long way to putting this issue past us.

Still, the “race problem” is still going to be around for awhile. I was sitting in our office yesterday, when the building superintendent came in and proceeded to tell a racist joke, replete with the kind of words I’d fire an employee for using. I was embarrassed and sickened. But it reminded me that racism is still as alive as that old wheezing man with the hearing aid and the perpetual cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. And even when he goes to his grave, racism will live in America.

Obama’s campaign for the White House will not end racism. My vote, the vote of a middle-aged white man, will not end that sin. Even if Obama wins, and stands before all the world as a symbol of a new America, the virus of racism will struggle against the antibodies of reconcilation and justice.

But it will not win. It will not. Not this time.

Not Very Bright has the complete text. Go read it.

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