The Cigarette Veto is Coming Tomorrow

Speaking of disagreements, Governor Sanford will have a press conference tomorrow announcing his decision on vetoing the 50 cent per pack tax on cigarettes. In case you think the outcome is in doubt, the Governor has already stated that he would veto any bill that did not have an offestting tax cut. This bill doesn’t, contain an offset, using the revenue primarily to increase access to health care for working families. One thing even his opponents will admit: Mark Sanford is a man of his word. He said he would veto it, and he’s not likely to change his mind.

Expect the veto tomorrow. Which means that on Wednesday, the House will have the opportunity to show us all whether or not it is committed to serving the common good.

Call your Representative and leave a voice mail or send an email asking him or her to vote to override. If you are uncertain about who your legislators are and how to reach them by phone or email, you can go to this address and put in your 9-digit zip code.

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