The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Benefits Packages

I hate it when I'm on the same side of an issue as Sick Willie Folks, who has combined gratuitous sexual innuendo and the occasional leak from political insiders into a nearly real job. Today's FITS News raises the question of the salary and perks of the United Way of the Central Carolinas President Gloria … Continue reading The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Benefits Packages

The Convention Begins Tonight

The Democratic Convention kicks off tonight. And like the rest of this electoral race so far, it's pretty interactive. A group of South Carolina's best progressive blogs (not that I count Sacraments Wholesale as among "the best," but the rest of them felt sorry for me and let me into the treehouse) have banded together … Continue reading The Convention Begins Tonight

Wars and Rumors of Wars

It's getting exciting. Kind of like when the Soviets shot down that Korean Airlines flight back in the dark ages of 1983. Ronald Reagan wanted to show that the Russian Bear was a dangerous animal, while the rest of the West was slouching towards detente. The Soviets handed him a grand propaganda victory. Of course, … Continue reading Wars and Rumors of Wars

There You Go Again: Read My Lips 2.0

As Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter in 1976, "There you go again." Or as George H. W. Bush said in 1988: John McCain, mumbling across the country as he tries to con Americans into four more years of the wildest spending spree in American history, told an audience in Colorado, "I want to look … Continue reading There You Go Again: Read My Lips 2.0