The Party of Veruca Salt

They wanted tax cuts. TheDemocrats gave them $280 billion of tax cuts in the $789 billion package. That includes up to $800 a year for two worker families, $8000 tax credits for buying a house, $1500 in energy efficient home remodeling, sales tax reductions on new car purchases, ending the Alternative Mininmum tax for 24 million taxpayers (at an average $2300 for those lucky enough to have jobs that pay that much). 
They wanted the elimination of pork. So the Democrats gulped and cut $25 billion for aid to cash-strpapped states, $16 billion for school construction and $50 billion dollars to the nuclear and coal industries. The budget ax chopped over $100 billion off the final package.  
So now, they have decided that the best approach is a fake to the left. Lindsey Graham says it’s time to nationalize the banks. Should Obama take the bait, the GOP’s attack dogs will accuse him of being a Communist. 
Because what the GOP really wants is to turn back the clock to 2002, when they occupied the White House and ruled the Congress. The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of Veruca Salt. Somebody hand them an Everlasting Gobstopper please. At least that will shut them up for awhile. 

One thought on “The Party of Veruca Salt

  1. I am losing all respect for Republicans. They are proving to be cynical, disingenuous, and ultimately abut their own power versus the good of the country.They cling to a discredited economic rich-first, Randian philosophy, blindly ignoring its failures. In doing so, they deliberately choose not to explore alternatives to what the Democrats are offering. If insanitiy is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result, then the Republicans are the definition of crazy.The Republicans are not the loyal opposition, just the opposition. And so they will remain the minority party for a generation when a new group of Republicans hopefully will arise with vision and patriotism.Doug


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