Gitmo is the U.S.? Jim DeMint Needs A Geography Lesson

South Carolina GOP Senator Jim DeMint has a bit of difficulty reading a map. Evidently, he thinks that Cuba is part of the United States of America. Sort of a Little Miami, with more hurricanes. Today’s Post and Courier quotes him as saying:

“The fact is that Guantanamo is probably one of the nicer prisons in the country right now. The prisoners are treated better than most of them in South Carolina are.”

For the record Senator, Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba, an avowedly Marxist-Leninist state 90 miles off the shores of Key West, Florida. We rent the base there from the Cuban government, we don’t own it. But, since you went to school in South Carolina, you probably don’t even know that.

The sordid history of our relationship with Cuba, from coups (successful and otherwise) and embargoes to the off-shoring of suspected terrorists, does not mean we own part of another sovereign nation.

Perhaps the gentleman from South Carolina should take a history lesson along with that geography lesson he so obviously needs.

One thought on “Gitmo is the U.S.? Jim DeMint Needs A Geography Lesson

  1. the man is just dumb – you could make a career out of pointing out the stupid things he says – but, what does that say for the people who keep voting for him?


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