First Thing, Let’s Kill All the Government Workers

Bill Sparkman was the kind of guy that should have been a hero to the pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps crowd. He held two jobs, while he went back to college and got a degree. He was a single dad, working hard to provide for his son, Josh. A former Boy Scout staffer, he was a substitute teacher and … Continue reading First Thing, Let’s Kill All the Government Workers

The Primacy of We

The 16th Sunday After Pentecost Year BThe Primacy of We Proverbs 31:10-31James 3:13 - 4:8Mark 9:30-37It had been a, shall we say, interesting, few days. From their excursion into the heathen realms of Syria and Lebanon, they finally had wandered back to the southwest towards home.Three of them had slipped away to follow Jesus in … Continue reading The Primacy of We

The Speech

We have just witnessed the most powerful example of how the Great Divide in the current American political morass functions (to use a highly inappropriate term):Millions of Democrats heard the President say tonight that his health care proposal would not replace their current health insurance plan. Instead, they would be protected from being dropped from … Continue reading The Speech

Salvation Goes to the Dogs

September 6, 2009Proper 18 / Ordinary 23/ Pentecost 14Isaiah 35:1-10Psalm 146James 2:1-17Mark 7:24-37I will call him Brad. He was my spiritual guide as a teenager. He was the kind of pastor who radiated the Holy Spirit when he talked about God, who handled the Bible, not as truncheon, but as a guidepost along the pilgrim’s … Continue reading Salvation Goes to the Dogs

What John Spratt Might Have Said

I guess I'm in the wrong business. I need to be in the consulting business, coaching Democratic politicians on how to answer questions, because they sure as hell don't know how to do it on their own. Of course, they don't seem to be conscious of their ineptitude so I would probably go without any … Continue reading What John Spratt Might Have Said