First Thing, Let’s Kill All the Government Workers

Bill Sparkman was the kind of guy that should have been a hero to the pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps crowd. He held two jobs, while he went back to college and got a degree. He was a single dad, working hard to provide for his son, Josh. A former Boy Scout staffer, he was a substitute teacher and door-to-door census-taker for the U.S. Census Bureau in his rural Kentucky community.

His body was found, hanging from a tree, September 12 in a remote area of the Daniel Boone National Forest in rural southern Kentucky. At first, authorities were tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding Spakman’s death. But today someone leaked disturbing news: scrawled across his chest was the word “fed.”

From Tea Parties and Town Halls to Congressional hecklers and conspiracy-nuts, it is all the rage to hate America. It’s fashionable to hate America, because the good old USA is run by fascists, socialists, and communists, who are fronting for the fake capitalists of AIG, Bank of America and General Motors. They are preparing to ship all true freedom-loving, non-union, well-insured, Bible-believing free market Christians off to concentration camps where they will learn to swear allegiance to Barak Obama, right hand on the Koran, left hand clutching The Communist Manifesto.

When the Department of Homeland Security (the scariest-named federal agency, outside of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency) warned of right-wing “domestic terrorists” a few months ago, the right-wing blogosphere spat its outrage. Patriots were being profiled, Boy Scouts watched for suspiciously pro-freedom views, and anyone who didn’t gush over Michelle Obama’s arms would be marked for later retribution. It was pure leftie garbage to suggest that, simply because someone picketed the President’s appearance while wearing a side-arm, he was a dangerous loonie. These were peace-loving people.

I have, in a previous post, decried Democratic critics of the protestors. I love the First Amendment (and all but one of the next 26), and I will defend to the death the right of a free people to peacefully assemble and ask for redress from their government. Or hate it, if they want. That’s their right. But lynching federal workers is not within the rights enumerated in the Constitution.

Bill Sparkman was a good man, a hard worker, and an example to the children and families he served. He deserved our thanks. He was hanged instead.

O’er the ramparts we watched the flag burn. And nobody even cried.

One thought on “First Thing, Let’s Kill All the Government Workers

  1. I'm still holding out hope that this isn't the full story, that the “source” behind this is wrong.

    Because if it's what it sounds like… well, that's just really scary.


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