SNAP Challenge Day 5: The Banality of Poverty

There is a sameness to it, an endless, soul-sucking semi-existence that offers neither a way out nor a way through but only a way to exist. It is the banality of poverty. We feel sorry for the poor. Sorry that they don't live the way we do, sorry that their values are not ours, sorry … Continue reading SNAP Challenge Day 5: The Banality of Poverty

SNAP Challenge Day 4: On the Limits of Existential Activism

When the Hollywood types, who are unrepentant members of the 1%, were dropping by New York's Zucotti Park to show their "support" for the Occupy Wall Street protests led primarily by drumming, chanting unemployed young people in Guy Fawkes® masks, I knew the movement was doomed. Just like the Tea Party (which is so 2009), … Continue reading SNAP Challenge Day 4: On the Limits of Existential Activism

SNAP Challenge Day 3

It’s the third most popular grain grown in the world, after corn and wheat. But since so much of the corn grown is used other than for human consumption, rice and wheat are tied as the staples of human life. Rice provides more than 20% of all the calories eaten by all 7 billion humans … Continue reading SNAP Challenge Day 3

SNAP Challenge Day 2

There's an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show (that I am not old enough to remember) called "the Gunslinger", a parody of the great Western noir film High Noon. In it, Sally serves Rob a perfect Southern meal:Sally: "Here's your favorite -- fried chicken."Rob: "Oh boy, and hominy grits!"Sally: "Oh, I don't know, about … Continue reading SNAP Challenge Day 2

The SNAP Challenge Day One

When Jennifer Moore, at the United Way of the Midlands, asked me if I would like to participate in this year’s SNAP challenge, I accepted without giving it a great deal of thought. The SNAP Challenge, part of the National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week is this week (November 13th-20th).  United Way of the Midlands … Continue reading The SNAP Challenge Day One

To Everything There Is a Season

Years ago, when I started this exercise in vanity (in all its senses) I had no idea if anyone would read it. That was before the Twitterverse and when Facebook was largely the realm of college students. Before Nooks and Kindles and IPads. When I still got my newspaper in paper form. But people did … Continue reading To Everything There Is a Season