Trump-Clinton Economic Comedy and Minstrel Show

The American political comedy troupe known as the Trump-Clinton Economic Comedy and Minstrel Show had another great week. Led by off by comic Donald Trump, wearing a Deep Eddy Ruby Red-stained bar towel on his head, we heard that:

Those are some pretty funny memes, dude. Seriously. You’re killing this thing.

But Hillary Clinton, not to be outdone, donned her signature frown and told us she would:

  • (just like Trump) fund massive investments in infrastructure
  • (unlike Trump) expand Obamacare
  • (unlike Trump University) make college cheaper
  • (unlike Time Warner, Comcast, AT&T or any of the other internet robber barons) spread broadband internet across the fruited plain
  • (unlikely though it may seem) close the tax loopholes adored by the rich and the corporations the rich own.

Madame Secretary, old RagTop got nuthin’ on you. You are funny, girl.

There’s plenty in the Trump-Clinton Economic Comedy and Minstrel Show to please just about every fan: the racist Obama haters, the nut-job conspiracy theorists, the fans of Father Knows Best and My Three Sons, the old, crazy-ass white people still mad about Uppity Negroes and that Mexican their daughter had two kids with, Vladimir Putin, Soccer Moms, Soccer Dads, child care center owners, college presidents, Wall Street bankers, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and loads of others.

But there was a group missing this week from the fan club: America’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Beyond Clinton’s nod in Bernie Sanders’ direction to raise the minimum wage (without a call to end the punitive welfare policies that crush people trying to work their way out of poverty), the poor got what they always get. Nothing.

Bernie is gone and the Democratic leader never utters the words: “social justice,” presumably because that would set off the rabid wig masquerading as the GOP nominee. Also because, at least since the mid-1990’s, she just doesn’t believe in the concept.

So, yeah. We are stuck, those of us who are not amused by what the Minstrels sang and tap-danced to this week. As Nathan Robinson of Current Affairs notes, we have to vote for the lesser evil because we want less evil in the world. Still, less evil is not no evil. A Clinton victory will not be a victory for social justice. And a Trump victory is too horrible to imagine.

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