My Family and Friends: Why They Voted For Trump

Two weeks ago, 61,900,000 people for voted for Donald Trump. I was not among them. Like 64,000,000 others, I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton received the majority of votes, but to the consternation of her voters, she lost anyway, due to the USA’s Electoral College system, which is less concerned with absolute … Continue reading My Family and Friends: Why They Voted For Trump

Dear President-Elect Trump: I Waited Five Days to Write This

This is your first chance to prove to me that I am wrong about you: condemn the hateful graffiti, threats, and intimidations of the past five days and during the campaign. Tell your alt-right supporters that you renounce them and you renounce hate. Tell the people who voted for you to renounce hatred, racism and intimidation. Do it quickly and do it without qualification.