Why I am giving up Donald Trump for Lent

I’m tuning out, dropping out, and focusing back in on those things that matter: mindfulness, spiritual awareness, balance, hopefulness, peace and joy and especially, justice. This blog began as a personal account of my own struggle to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly (Micah 6:8) in the public square. I have been doing a terrible job at that of late. And I’m counting on Lent to help me get my own spiritual journey back on track.

The Dust of Night

In the slow, seductive sunset of the world The sun moves from the bright overhead of noon Its eye on the horizon. It licks the trees slowly, as if it has never tasted green before. It slides orange arms around their trunks, in languorous embrace. The shadows of the wrens dance beside them, grown now … Continue reading The Dust of Night