Once upon a time this site lived over here but then it died, mostly from neglect.  That could happen here, as well, but we are using a more powerful organic fertilizer these days. It smells bad, but the neighbors say it does wonders for their tomatoes.

The title comes from a book of furious evangelical theology, The Cost of Discipleship, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor who tried his damnedest to preserve the Confessing Church in Nazi Germany from getting involved in politics. He failed, finally coming to understand that thoughts and prayers were never going to overthrow the terror that threatened the entire world. He was rounded up, along with lots of his friends, and executed by the Third Reich. His body was never found.

He has become a saint to the modern Church, which conveniently overlooks his later move away from both the soteriology and metaphysics of traditional Christianity towards a faith that is rooted in service to others.


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