How Populism Ends: The Fire of Rome, Nero and Conspiracy Theories

Sometime during the night of July 18-19, in what we now know as the Year of Our Lord 64, probably in one of the shops that lined the road between the Caelian and Palentine Hills, a fire broke out. The Circus Maximus, the Great Roman sports stadium, dominated the neighborhood of little wooden shops and large wooden apartment … Continue reading How Populism Ends: The Fire of Rome, Nero and Conspiracy Theories

The Good Friday Feeling

It’s the Good Friday feeling. When your marriage comes undone. When your beloved partner lies rotting with cancer. When your company implodes. When your brave son or daughter is blown apart in a senseless war or splattered on a windshield by a drunken driver. It’s what the abandoning and abandoned disciples felt that day, back there in Jerusalem, looking up at a broken, tortured and dead body, hanging on a tree trunk, the dirt below reddened with blood.

Lent, Day 2: The Deliciousness of Sin

We love sin, we love how it tastes, how it shines, how it smells, how it makes us feel.. But we hate it when somebody sins against us. So, unless we want this whole offend-offense business to find the secret of eternal life and screw up the entire future of our hearts and minds—our very souls—we have to forgive those miserable offenders.

Why I am giving up Donald Trump for Lent

I’m tuning out, dropping out, and focusing back in on those things that matter: mindfulness, spiritual awareness, balance, hopefulness, peace and joy and especially, justice. This blog began as a personal account of my own struggle to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly (Micah 6:8) in the public square. I have been doing a terrible job at that of late. And I’m counting on Lent to help me get my own spiritual journey back on track.

Why Franklin Graham is Wrong

His father was one of the greatest evangelists of this or any other age, but Franklin Graham ain't your daddy's evangelist. His work with Samaritan's Purse, particularly in Sudan, is legendary, but his $416,000 salary and $117,000 benefits package (according to the organization's 990, available on gives one pause about his commitment to the people … Continue reading Why Franklin Graham is Wrong