A Textbook Example of Fake News: The Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty

Today, on the National Day of Prayer, the President of the United States invoked the National Deity before issuing his latest Executive Order: “Freedom is not a gift of government, it is a gift of God.” Which God he had in mind was not totally clear, but presumably it is the generic Civic God trotted out at the end of every Presidential address: the God who blesses America. Then he signed an Executive Order which used a lot of words but really didn’t say much of anything at all.

Why I am giving up Donald Trump for Lent

I’m tuning out, dropping out, and focusing back in on those things that matter: mindfulness, spiritual awareness, balance, hopefulness, peace and joy and especially, justice. This blog began as a personal account of my own struggle to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly (Micah 6:8) in the public square. I have been doing a terrible job at that of late. And I’m counting on Lent to help me get my own spiritual journey back on track.

My Family and Friends: Why They Voted For Trump

Two weeks ago, 61,900,000 people for voted for Donald Trump. I was not among them. Like 64,000,000 others, I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton received the majority of votes, but to the consternation of her voters, she lost anyway, due to the USA’s Electoral College system, which is less concerned with absolute … Continue reading My Family and Friends: Why They Voted For Trump

Donald Trump is the Perfect American Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump is the perfect American presidential candidate. I write that without irony, for I mean it sincerely. He is perfect for us because of his perfectly American values. He does not so much reflect those values as he does incarnate them: he is Very American of Very American, as St. Athanasius might have written, … Continue reading Donald Trump is the Perfect American Presidential Candidate

Trump-Clinton Economic Comedy and Minstrel Show

The American political comedy troupe known as the Trump-Clinton Economic Comedy and Minstrel Show had another great week. Led by off by comic Donald Trump, wearing a Deep Eddy Ruby Red-stained bar towel on his head, we heard that: Federal unemployment figures are a hoax He’s going to require that American steel be used to rebuild the USA’s … Continue reading Trump-Clinton Economic Comedy and Minstrel Show