The Riddler

First, he did it to the Sadducees, when they asked him their favorite theological gotcha riddle: ‚ÄúThere once was a widow who remarried, and was widowed again. She remarried a third time, and lost that husband as well. This happened through seven husbands. Now, in the resurrection, which one of the seven will she be … Continue reading The Riddler

I am Not Making This Up

Pat Robertson's High Protein Weight Loss ShakeAs Seen on The 700 Club Here's where you'll learn all about Pat Robertson's fabulous high protein shake! On CBN's 700 Club program, Pat Robertson demonstrated how easy it is to obtain great nutritional benefits from a simple protein shake. In addition to drinking a daily shake, he always … Continue reading I am Not Making This Up

The American Taliban Comes to South Carolina

Imagine if a bunch of religious terrorists from far away were to quietly infiltrate city councils, county councils, elected law enforcement positions, and elected judgeships in order to set up a separatist state in express opposition to the United States of America. Imagine if they gained a majority of local government positions in just two … Continue reading The American Taliban Comes to South Carolina

Suffering with Muslims and Baptists

In the Hindu Kush mountains, the earth shuddered. In Central America, its mud slid down the volcanic mountains, crushing everything in its path. Thousands are dead in Pakistan and 300,000 may be starving in Central America.Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin, said: "New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have … Continue reading Suffering with Muslims and Baptists