Bauer vs. Barber and Floyd vs. Rex: The Cliff-Hanger Continued

The state Election Commission has ordered recounts in the races for Superintendent of Education and Lieutenant Governor. In the Lieutenant Governor’s race, Andre Bauer leads with 543,767 votes to Robert Barber’s 540,535. Don’t expect much change in that race.

The real drama is in the Superintendant’s race, where a margin of 483 votes separates educator Dr. Jim Rex from radical Reconstructionist lawyer Karen Floyd. In a race with so much hanging on the outcome, expect that the recount won’t settle things. There is surely to be a challenge. The vote totals have changed several times, and as recently as this morning, changed again.

Just to remind you why a Floyd victory will be bad for South Carolina, Sunbeams from Cucumbers gave us five reasons not to vote for her:

1. Floyd wants to teach creationism.
2. Jim Rex is far more qualified for the job; Floyd has no relevant qualifications of any kind.
3. Floyd is the recipient of wads out out-of-state money from pro-voucher advocate Howard Rich.
4. Floyd’s pro-voucher position is extreme.
5. Floyd’s own step-mother is supporting Jim Rex.

When your schools are bad as South Carolina’s, putting a Christian Reconstructionist with an anti-science agenda in charge is a really bad idea.

The votes have been cast. They will be counted at least one more time.

But Karen Floyd is still bad for South Carolina.

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