Fox News Alert: "Barak Obama’s Secret Muslim Past"–It’s Campaign Time, Kiddies!

I swear the campaign was just over. I’ve still got my “I voted” sticker stuck to the console of the Jeep.

Alas, it’s January, and just in time for George Bush’s State of the Union Address, the litter mewing in the cat bed is growing: Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama all announced the past couple of days that they want to re-take the White House for the Democrats, and Sam Brownback joined their chorus from the Republican side of the nest.

We can expect the next eighteen months to be full of Swift Boats filled with Bimbos; of Theocrats storming the Bastille; of poorly-worded answers to poorly-worded questions; of inflated resumes, embarrassing gaffes, and leaked memos. And it’s already started.

Barak Obama, a Christian from Chicago, got smeared as a jihadist from Indonesia on Fox News. By now, I’m sure you know that Obama’s father was a secular Kenyan Muslim. What you may not know is that Obama’s middle name is Hussein (as in “Saddam”), and that he attended an Indonesian elementary school that was predominantly Muslim. (He also attended a Catholic school, but we haven’t hated Catholics since 1960–so that’s not news. Actually in South Carolina, some people still hate Catholics, but most of them go to BJU.)

The story got legs after first appearing on, the webzine of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. Now, one expects that such a paragon of Christian orthodoxy and religious tolerance like Rev. Moon would avoid shameless yellow journalism, but states this startling revelation came as a result of “an investigation of Mr. Obama by political opponents within the Democratic Party,” who are “researchers connected to Senator Clinton.” All speaking on deep background of course.

It’s not that Hillary Clinton is incapable of political ruthlessness. However, it’s just hilarious to think she’d spend money on “research” to discover something that Obama’s talked about openly, written about in his books and then leak it, of all places, to the Moonies.

Just think: the primaries are still thirteen months away. This will be long forgotten. But, imagine what we’ll learn by then.

4 thoughts on “Fox News Alert: "Barak Obama’s Secret Muslim Past"–It’s Campaign Time, Kiddies!

  1. I heard this matter (Obama’s Secret Muslim Past) discussed on Air America radio. This is a classic Republican smear tactic invented by Richard Nixon’s campaign director (Was that E. Howard Hunt? If memory serves?). Republicans release a blatant lie and attribute it to a democratic opponent.

    If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense. If the Clinton campaign had released this, they wouldn’t have put their name on it. And why would they give it to a Moonie rag instead of a credible source like the New York Times?

    In short, it’s a republican too-fer. In one action They’ve smeared Obama as a muslim extremist and Hillary Clinton as a dirty trickster.


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